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Courtyard Garden

Courtyard Garden
Courtyard Garden Naxo

Courtyard Garden Plan

Courtyard Garden

The brief for this small town garden was to craft an attractive view from the kitchen, create a sunbathing area and re-house the resident fish! To make the most of this very small space it was important to avoid clutter and make every feature work hard to earn its place. A sunken pool brings reflected light into the garden without intruding into the space and a sheet of textured glass creates the impression of a water wall without the expense.

Planting was chosen to connect with the mature planting of surrounding gardens, producing the illusion of further garden areas that could be explored. This illusion is reinforced by the transparent trellis boundary. An interesting boundary treatment is important in a small garden as it is normally such a prominent feature. The contrast of open trellis and slatted cedar fencing stops the garden feeling boxy and looks attractive.

The blue slate and grey sandstone paving was laid to create a Mondrian inspired pattern that looks good when viewed from the kitchen and first floor windows. Views from the house are always important but perhaps especially so in a small garden. Narrow rills of planting break up the paving and bring the planting into the centre of the garden. We didn’t have room for wide beds so lots of climbers were planted to cover the trellis with greenery. Much of the planting is evergreen to create year round interest.

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