How we work

we aim to create the best solution for the client, the site and the planet.

Rudbeckia Cenolophium

Our philosophy is to design in harmony with the site, the environment and the client’s personal style. We spend as much time as we can getting to know both our clients and the existing garden conditions to create a comprehensive brief which is the starting point for the garden design. We like to throw lots of ideas into the creative pot as we exlore the concept, resulting in design solutions that are always appropriate but can be unexpected!

We offer a flexible service and can work with you to create an entire new garden or we can renew the planting without changing existing hard landscaping. Alternatively, we can focus on one particular area such as a problem bed. We also offer garden and planting design consultancy, if you simply want some general advice.

We are not able to take on any new garden projects until Autumn 2020. If you can wait, we look forward to hearing from you then.