Design Process

We spend time getting to know you ,and your garden, before we start designing

We use sketching as a design tool to develop the garden design. Colour versions of these hand drawings are used to present the concept design. Models are sometimes used to investigate the space in three dimensions. The precision of CAD is used for working drawings.

  • Initial visit – A free visit to sites within an hour’s drive of our studio. We will present our portfolio and discuss how we can work with you.
  • Site survey and client interview – We will survey and appraise your garden. For larger sites we will normally commission a surveyor. We will also have a detailed discussion with you about your garden requirements.
  • Concept design – This is a detailed presentation of our ideas for your garden. It is presented as an A3 bound document and includes scale plans as well as artists’ impressions of the design.
  • Detail drawings – These are the working drawings the contractors will use to build and plant the garden.
  • Contractor sourcing – We can manage the tendering process to obtain value for money and reliable landscape contractors.
  • Soft materials sourcing and planting – We often plant the gardens ourselves but can also supervise other contractors.
  • Garden management- Regular follow up visits to our clients is part of the service. We also carry out garden maintenance for some local clients.